Diapers + Drills | Custom Toy Box by a 2 Year Old by Kathleen Hurley

How many 2 year olds do you know who can say they made their own toybox?!?

Diapers + Drills | When a 2 Year Old Meets a Can of Paint by Kathleen Hurley

Since it is clearly physically impossible to keep a 2 year old away from an open can of paint or a mound of fresh sawdust...

So as the old saying goes… If you can't beat them - join them!

Diapers+Drills - 5.jpg

We are constantly blown away by how collaborative, talented + patient toddlers are when they are encouraged to help out.

And trust me - any project is more fun when your sidekick is rocking a diaper!

Looking forward to sharing many more!

Hand Carved Live Edge Wood Bench by Kathleen Hurley

A custom made wooden bench as a surprise from a Groom to his Bride-to-Be!

In route to #lasvegas for Wade + Alexis’ big day next week!

Congrats to them both + hope it is the perfect surprise for the #bridetobe đź’– .  #weddinggift  #groom  #customgifts  #bench #handmade  #handcarved  #woodworking #liveedge  #cypress  #screwsandstilettos

Refacing IKEA Bookcases on a Budget by Kathleen Hurley

One of our favorite recent client requests!

A super budget savvy new home owner reached out looking for custom designed + fabricated doors to replace the existing doors for her IKEA cabinets.

We absolutely loved the modern, minimalistic design - and of course the budget friendly concept!

IKEA Doors - 4.jpg

Let us know your thoughts and your favorite IKEA revamp projects!

More than Meets the Eye.... by Kathleen Hurley

Just as our bio says… We are Sisters with a Passion for Creative Woodworking... but we also are much more than that.

We aren't just women who build furniture.

We aren't just single ladies making a go at life.

We are independent women with passions, drive, motivation + opinions.

We love, we hurt, we feel, we persevere + we grow.

We are individuals that are perfectly imperfect + we are proud of it.

Over the years we have lost count of those flabbergasted to learn that we did something ourselves...

That we built a piece of furniture with our very own hands, our very own skills + our very own minds.

That we built a business with our very own ideas, own very own creations + our very own mistakes.

That we did something without the support of others + we learned from our own mistakes.

We want to kick off our little blog with exactly that in mind.

We want to share our wide range of passions, our never ending curiosity, our growth + our challenges.

So while you may see stilettos on our feet, our pockets are filled with screws…

We look forward to sharing + growing with you all.


Screws + Stilettos