Who We Are

While we certainly looked lovely as our stereotypically oversized Irish Catholic family filled its very own pew each Sunday - it was minutes later and a mile down the road where we would unknowingly learn the skills to become the women we are today.

It was after an elbow begrudgingly poked through of one of Dad's suit only to spend the rest of its days speckled in paint & reeking of diesel.

It was khaki pants so caked in sawdust that they could stand up on their own - they really did.

It was the juxtaposition between our Sunday best and what was to come minutes later that provided us with the independence, strength and resiliency that has taken two overly energetic speed talking sisters and made us into the skilled passionate artisans that we are today. 

So while you may see stilettos on our feet, our pockets are filled with screws...


What We Do

We are custom fabricators, custom builders, custom woodworkers - whatever you want to call it - but more importantly what we do...

We take our client’s vision and we literally bring it to life. 

We specialize in custom tables, bars and lounge furniture that are specifically designed and created to meet that particular client’s needs. We work with dozens of suppliers to source the perfect wood, finish and other materials unique to each project.

And no project is too big or too small. From a single custom bar to 250 farmhouse dining tables - we  have done it all.

Each project is completed specific to the needs of that client. It takes time, effort and collaboration. Each project is unique in its own way and it is not an overnight experience - but it is worth it.

If you are looking for something custom built for your home, office, event or elsewhere then you came to the right place.